How does Factoring work?

  • You send out your Invoices and Credit Notes as normal, including an assignment notice, providing a copy by post or electronically to the Factoring company.
  • The Factor makes available an agreed percentage of the invoice value, up to 120 days old, usually by electronic transfer within 24 hours.
  • The Factoring company sends out the monthly statements and ensures payment is received on time, having agreed a credit control strategy with you beforehand. This allows you to chase up some of your larger/more important customers yourself, ensuring goodwill is maintained with them whilst still collecting the money in a timely manner.
  • Your customers send their payments to the Factor who, in turn, then credits you with the balance due i.e. less the initial payment and their charges.
  • The Sales Ledger is updated on a monthly basis by the Factoring company and, using the latest internet technology you can have immediate and real time access to all your account details.
  • Regular Management Reports are provided by the Factoring Company, giving details of the Sales Ledger and your account with them.
  • Typically, an Assignment Notice is pre-printed on to each Invoice which you send out, in most cases the Factor can provide a supply of stickers to use initially if necessary.

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